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What is a Wellness Lifestyle?


I have no pain i dont need Chiropractic! This is a common reply i hear when i ask if someone has tried Chiropractic. I understand why people would naturally think that they need to have pain or some type of symptom before they would ever think about going to see a Chiropractor. It has been conditioned into our behaviour by the medical industry to only respond to alarms from out body such as symptoms by supressing them with drugs. 

However at Seeley Chiropractic Clinic we advocate people to use a Wellness Lifestyle, which means using Chiropractic care regularly if they have pain or they dont as your body will always perform better after it has been adjusted. Chiropractic is a fantastic way to make sure your spine is moving correctly, for it to be more balanced and to allow your nervous sytem to function more effectively, which allows it to adapt to its environment better.

By living in a way that we are constantly improving the way our body works means we are living in a wellness lifestyle. An example of this would be to move and exercise regularly in order to keep our bodies strong and flexible. Or to eat organic healthy foods high in nutrients in order for out body to be given the best fuel and not ingest too many harmful chemicals.

So a wellness lifestyle doesnt just incorporate one aspect of health it is trying to live in the most positive and beneficial way for an optimal functioning body taking into consideration our;

  1. Physical Health
  2. Chemical Health
  3. Emotional Health    


The fantastic thing about Chiropractic is that it can infulence all these aspects of your health. When you adjust a joint you improve the movement and function of it(physical health), when you are moving better you may start to feel better(emotional health) and when your nervous system is stimulated from the increased movement of the joint and improvement in posture you can effect chemical pathways inside the body(chemical health) 

So using Chiropractic care is not only good for helping your body reduce many types of pain but it is a perfect additional for anyone wanting to live a wellness lifestyle. Find out more about Chiropractic here

I truely believe if we try and focus on living in a way that supports our bodies innate needs to self regulate and heal and perform at its best by adopting a wellness lifestyle and not live in the medical framework of suppressing or exciting our bodies with drugs when we have symptoms then our bodies and minds will thrive and we will live a far healthier and enriched life. 

Yours in Health, 

Jack Seeley D.C Msc

Seeley Chiropractic Clinic (Helsinki and Oulu)