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How to get maximum results in life

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In life, I believe that the quality of your result is determined by how much effort you are ready to put in to it. It makes sense that if you want to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger then you will have to work extremely hard in the gym and make sure you have a very good diet. If you want to be a very successful and wealthy business person, then you would expect to have to work extremely hard to get there.

So why is it that when we look at our health - arguably our single most valuable asset - we tend to put in very low amount of effort and expect such high results? We tend to be infatuated with finding the miracle exercise that we only have to “spend a few minutes on every day” to get that 6 pack we have always wanted, or with taking that pill to stop our back from hurting or with blaming other people as to why we are not successful.

Instead, I challenge you to stop making excuses; stop looking for an easy way out and instead expect that to get what we want, we have to prioritize it and work extremely hard for it - then our potential for Health, Wealth and Success can be endless.

I see it often when I am working with people in my practice every day; we tend to want the maximum outcome from the smallest investment .I don’t mean investment in terms of money necessarily, but more in terms of responsibility. We all like it when people do something for us - particularly in a service industry e.g. when we go to a restaurant we expect and enjoy a high level of service. However when it comes to health, it is vitally important that we understand that a healthcare expert - be they a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Medical Doctor or Personal trainer - can help you with the journey to a better you, but they cannot press the accelerator for you.

In other words it is up to ourselves as individuals to take control of our own destiny, except responsibilities for our own body and stop making excuses. Our bodies are designed to be healthy not sick; they are sick due to reasons that we ourselves have chosen to ignore or accept, such as not going to the gym enough or not looking after our posture when we work, or not taking a moment every day to switch our mobiles off and to rest and reflect.

So in summary to get great results we need to provide great effort; we all have a fantastic opportunity in our lives to live healthy and successfully, so let’s make 2017 that year.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

Jack Seeley D.C Msc


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