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What Is Causing My Low Back Pain?


What is causing my lower back pain?

Lower back pain can really ruin your daily life; it will affect most types of activities such as picking up your children, playing your favorite hobby or putting on your shoes and socks in the morning. But what could be causing the pain?

Studies have now shown that lower back pain is the leading cause of disability in the work place, resulting in hundreds of thousands of euros of sick pay nationally, leading to huge costs for companies and also impacting on the well-being of millions of people around the world.

Nearly everyone at some point in their life will suffer with lower back pain; however the pain can originate from a variety of causes. Listed below are a few types of pain and possible reasons for them.

Sharp knife-like pain that does not radiate: This type of pain can literally stop you in your tracks and feels like someone has put a knife into your back. But what could be causing it? Generally when you have this knife-type pain, it is being caused from one or multiple joints in the spine. When they are irritated, they will become inflamed and very tender, and in certain positions this inflammation can cause compression around the nerves that are next to the joint. This nerve pressure will give you the resulting knife-like pain.

Dull aching pain: This type of pain can come from a few different structures; commonly it will be from tightness of soft tissue such as muscle or ligament, but also it can come from the intervertebral discs that are between the spinal bones. These discs act as shock absorbers for the spine, but due to prolonged poor posture and non-ideal spinal health they can become weakened, leading to this type of pain.

Tingling, radiating pain: This pain is generally being caused from pressure on a spinal nerve; the nerve passes between the spinal bones next to the facet joint. If there is pressure on the sensory (feeling) part of the nerve, it can lead to a tingling feeling in the direction of that nerve. Normally these tingling areas will be very specific places such as down the arm to the outside of the hand. When there is tingling in a more generalized area this can be due to poor blood circulation from compression of an artery, e.g. when you wake up from sleeping in a poor position and you cannot feel your arm.

Burning Pain: This type of pain can be a very uncomfortable feeling for the person. Again, it can come from a few sources; the most common is from an extremely tight muscle, leading to poor blood supply and nerve irritation. Additionally, if the spinal nerve has pressure on its sensory portion, this can also lead to burning sensation.

It is very important to see an expert such as a Chiropractor if you are experiencing these types of problems since pain is your body's system to alert you that something is not quite working correctly. Most people will reach for a painkiller or muscle relaxant: this is entirely the wrong option as it will shut off your body's natural response. This is potentially dangerous and can lead to increased problems further down the years.

Our bodies are designed to heal, so when we have pain such as in issues like those stated, it makes sense to help our body to fight the problem. When you go to see a Chiropractor, they will check your spine for problem areas that could be causing these symptoms and then start to work on it for yourself so that your body can heal the pain.

This Blog is designed to give the reader a general idea of what could be causing pain it is not a definitive guide: any pain from the body needs to be checked by a fully qualified health practitioner.

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Jack Seeley, D.C. MSc Chiro Seeley Chiropractic Clinic