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Jack Seeley - Chiropractor Helsinki and Oulu

Owner and founder of Seeley Chiropractic Clinic.

I graduated in 2010 from the Univeristy of Glamorgan the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) with an MSc in Chiropractic. After this i moved to London and worked in one of the busiest Chiropractic clinics in Europe. In 2011 I was approached by a established Finnish Chiropractic Clinic to come work in a Finland. At the time I was looking for a new challenge so it was perfect timing. After a couple of years in Finland I decided to open up my own clinics and now I have two Chiropractic clinics one in Töölönkatu 8e, Helsinki and one in Linnankatu 10 G, Oulu.

I first saw the benefits of Chiropractic care from a young age after seeing my father receive help after hurting his back from a serious work related injury. I was brought up in more natural health and holistic family, so the idea of medications to keep living never resonated with me instead looking after my body naturally and allowing it to function as it’s designed did and the Chiropractic philosophy states exactly that.

I love the fact that every single person alive can benefit from Chiropractic care and it’s philosophy so I am passionate to be able to help everyone from babies and pregnant women to athlete’s and the elderly.

“Your Health Is Your Greatest Asset”

At Seeley Chiropractic will endeavor to offer the highest quality and loving Chiropractic care in the world. We look forward to helping you.

Contact Me Directly;


Telephone: 050-3615083